Why am I being asked to participate in a clinical study?

The cancer treatments that exist today were found to be more successful than past cancer treatments because previous patients have participated in clinical studies.

Patients with cancer are living longer with a better quality of life thanks to the participation of others. It is important for people of all ages, genders, races, and stages of cancer to participate in order to learn about more effective treatments.

Benefits of participating in a clinical study

  • You will get the latest medicine for cancer treatment.
  • You may be watched more closely by your doctor.
  • You may help future patients.
  • You may have a shorter or longer period of treatment (and fewer or more doctor’s

Downsides of participating in a clinical study

  • You may have different side effects from the clinical study than from the standard
  • To see what other downsides may exist for your particular treatment, ask your
    doctor and refer to your clinical study consent form.

Participation is your choice

Your health care provider will talk to you about the opportunity to be in a clinical study;
however, it is your choice. If you decide to be in a research study, you are able to leave
the study at any time. This decision will not harm your relationship with your health care
team in any way.