There are two types of costs involved in a clinical study:

Patient care costs

These are costs related to their treatment of cancer, whether they receive treatment through a clinical study or through standard care. They are usually covered by health insurance and include:

  • Doctor visits
  • Hospital stays
  • Lab tests
  • X-rays and other imaging tests

Research costs

These costs are specifically related to the clinical study and are not usually covered by health insurance. They may be covered by the study’s sponsor and include:

  • The study drug
  • Lab tests performed purely for research purposes
  • Additional x-rays and imaging tests performed solely for the study

How to get help with insurance companies

Before they decide on whether or not to participate in a clinical study, be sure they ask their doctor or study nurse if there is someone on staff who can help them figure out what the cost will be. This person may be the study nurse, a financial counselor, or someone in the finance department.